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18 Day's Watching  rift endemics in Albertine rift Uganda, African broad bill, Green breasted pitta, Shoebill stork & gorilla trekking in Bwindi park.
GO1: Arrive EBB – Botanical Garden
Arrive early morning at Entebbe and transfer to hotel for a rest and refreshment. Forest birding and Watching Uganda rift endemics starts with the Botanical gardens adjacent to Lake Victoria Looking out for Northern brown throated weaver, Orange tufted sunbird ,Red bellied flycatcher, Great blue & Ross’s turaco, Grey woodpecker, White & black casqued hornbill, Eastern black headed Oriole, Red chested & Green Throated sunbird. O/N: Imperial resort/Airport view hotel/African Root Guest house B/B

GO2: Mabamba swamp -swamp species
After breakfast with your picnic lunch proceed to Mabamba swamp winding through agricultural land and secondary forests offer chance to sight Red headed lovebird, weyn’s weaver, Blacked necked weaver, white thighed hornbill, woodland kingfishers. Take a hand paddled canoe in search for the incredible shoebill stork and other variety of water birds and Lake Victoria specials: - Swamp Flycatcher, herons, egrets, ducks, plovers, gulls, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers, papyrus gonolek, white winged warbler, Blue swallows. Spend some time birding the surrounding before transferring to Kampala.O/N :Cassia Hotel / Nexus resort B/B

GO3 Forest Birding, Birding Mabira Forest
Birding Mabira forest gets you early enough at the forest centre, where you register and later enjoy a wholel day forest birding.
Mabira forest species:Purple throated cuckoo shrike, Nahan’s francolins, Forest wood hoopoe, Green tailed bristle bill, Joyful greenbul, Tit hylia, Grey long bill, Great blue turaco, Weyns weaver, African harrier-hawk, Hairy breasted barbet, Brown eared woodpecker, White-headed saw-wing.O/N  Cassia lodge /Nexus resort B/B

GO4: Budongo Forest, Birding Busingiro sector
Budongo forest, transfer from Kampala to Busingiro sector for an afternoon forest birding, depending on time of arrival, start birding from visitor centre areas and continue along the main road. Dinner & overnight in Masindi town
Forest birds: African Dwarf Kingfisher, chestnut capped flycatcher, western black headed oriole, Sabine’s spine tail, white breasted negro finch, Yellow crested woodpecker, Yellow footed flycatcher, Lemon bellied crombec, Piping hornbill, Sabine’s spine tail.O/N : Kabalega Resort / Masindi Hotel F/B

GO5: Budongo Forest, Royal Mile
Budongo Forest birding, early rise with a parked lunch and head for the royal mile enjoy a whole day bird watching along the forest road ending at the Forest Bridge. Return at hotel before dark.
Budongo Forest species: Ituri Batis, Nahan’s francolin, Chocolate backed king fisher, Brown twin spot, White spotted fluff tail, Jameson’s wattle eye, white breasted negro finch, Grey headed sunbird, Red headed bluebill, Green sunbird, Little green sunbird.O/N : Kabalega Resort /Masindi Hotel F/B

GO 6: Birding Kibale forest- Kihingami swamp
Transfer to Kibale forest early morning birding enroute and Kihingami swamp in the afternoon.
O/N :  Isunga safari lodge/: Chimpanzee Guest house F/B

GO7: Kibale forest birding for Green breasted Pitta
This morning we will focus on searching for the Green breasted pitta and other chances to look out for are Western bronze-napped Pigeon, Many-coloured Bush shrike, Nahan’s Francolin, Yellow-throated Nicator, White-headed Wood-hoopoe, Red Headed malimbe , Yellow-spotted barbet , Dusky-blue Flycatcher .Return for your lunch break & bird Bigodi sanctuary in the afternoon. O/N: Isunga safari lodge/Chimpanzee Guest house F/B

GO 8: Forest birding, Green Breasted pitta
Second morning to search for the Green breasted pitta, Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Red-chested Flufftail, White-bellied Crested Flycatcher and chimpanzee tracking in the afternoon. O/N: Isunga safari lodge  /Chimpanzee Guest house F/B

GO9: Swamp Walk, Bigodi sanctuary
Birding Bigodi sanctuary early morning and transfer to Semliki park and bird the trails around the hot springs O/N Rain Bow Guest House B/B
Forest species: White coloured Olive back, Red Tailed Bristle bill, Yellow billed barbet, White bellied crested fly catcher, Joyful greenbul, Black billed Turaco, Blue shouldered robin chat, Green breasted Pitta, white spotted Fluff tail

GO 10 : Birding Semliki, Kirumia trail
Birding in Semliki forest starts early morning with a parked lunch drive down the Semliki valleys for forest experience, birding Kirumia trail the whole day. Return late afternoon and drive to Fort portal town. O/N: Fort motel/Dutchess
Semliki Rarities: Spot breasted ibis, Grey throated rail, Capuchin babbler, Congo serpent eagle, Piping Hornbill, Red billed dwarf hornbill, White crested hornbill, African Piculet, Red bellied Malimbe, Zenker’s honey guide.

GO11: To Bwindi Park – Forest Species
Transfer to Bwindi Park early morning, birding Buhoma surroundings in the afternoon.
Albertine species: Banded prinia ,Narina tragon, Magie Manikin, Grey headed Negrofinch, Black billed weaver, Black necked weaver, Stuhlmann’s starling, Pink footed puff back, Bocage’s bush-shrike, Ludher’s bush shrike Narina tragon, banded prinia, blue headed sunbird, Ross’s Turaco, Black billed Turaco. O/N: Silverback Lodge/crested crane hotel F/B

GO12: In Bwindi Park – Albertine Rift Endimics
Trek Mountain Gorillas (optional US$ 600) otherwise whole day bird watching along the water fall loop searching for rarities and rift endemics. O/N: Silverback Lodge/Crested crane hotel F/B
Rift endemics: Red throated alethe, Black bee eater, Short tailed warbler,Purple breasted sunbird, yellow eyed black fly catcher, Red faced woodland warbler, Blue headed sunbird, Brown capped weaver, Strange weaver.

GO 13: Bird to Ruhija via the Neck
Early morning make your way towards Kitahurira, the neck of forest linking Buhoma to Ruhiza. This is the best site for Toro-Olive Greenbul, Cassin’s Grey Flycatcher and Western Bronze-naped Pigeon. O/N : Ruhija Gorilla resort/Bakiga lodge/Trekkers Tavern F/B

GO 14: Mubwindi Swamp trail
After breakfast with your picnic lunch take a trail to Mubwindi swamp that promises some of the most difficult of all rift endemics:- Grauer’s Rush warbler,African broadbill & Caruther’s cisticola. The day will be spent exploring the highland forests of Ruhija some 2300M above sea level. Star attractions are: - Handsome francolin,,African Hill babbler,Banded prinia,Shelley’s crimsonwing,Collared Apalis,Regal sun bird and many more. O/N Ruhija Gorilla resort/Trekkers Tavern F/B

GO15: Bird to Kisoro
Transfer to Kisoro early morning, birding Papyrus areas at Lake Bunyonyi out flow and Echuya forest. O/N: Travellers Rest/Sawasawa Guest house F/B

GO 16: Birding Mgahinga Gorilla Park, volcanoes
Drive to Ntebeko camp early morning for a whole day birding in the mountain
Species of interest: Dusky dove,White starred robin, Rwenzori Turaco,Streaky seed eater, Doherty’s bush-shrike O/N: Travellers Rest/Sawasawa Guest house F/B

Day 17: Transfer to Entebbe birding en route. O/N: Botanical hotel/ African Root Guest House B/B

GO:18 Mabamba swamp -Entebbe airport End of safari
Check out early morning and head for Mabamba swamp, using out dugout canoes search for the endangered shoebill stork and other water and swamp birds. Return and cross to Entebbe by ferry for your lunch and airport transfer. End of safari.