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Uganda, Africa’s best birding destination

Uganda has 1073 confirmed bird species, Country’s check list is almost half the 2250 species recorded on African continent and  given Uganda’s small size in surface area compared to many African countries, this rich biodiversity ranks it among the richest country in Africa and tenth in the World in terms of bird species per square kilometre.

Why  go birding Uganda

*Uganda is a major stop over & destination for migratory birds with large &diverse birds that include many European migrants. This is due to the diversity of habitats and various vegetation zones. Uganda receives about 5 million birds from Northern hemisphere.

* Rich biodiversity in bird life which is reflected in the number of birds per square kilometre making it rank among the richest countries in the world in terms of bird species

*Uganda’s checklist (1073 species) has two thirds of species that are found nowhere else but in western Uganda and are endemic to the Albertine rift Valley.

* Uganda offers easy fantastic birding and accessibility to very difficult to find species e.g Black bee eater, African green broadbill, Rwenzori Turaco, Papyrus Gonlek & Fox weaver

*Bird watching infrastructures have been improved e.g condition of access roads to birding spots, proper trails& tracks & eco friendly lodges have been constructed in most birding areas.

*Bird guides have been trained and have attained skills & experiences of sighting more than 450 species of birds on any bird watching tour.

* Uganda lies within Tropical Africa &  crossed by the equator gives it a favourable climate year round, to the south is lake Victoria one of the largest fresh lake with fringing wetlands, forest& papyrus swamps that are Important bird Areas .To the western border are the Albertine rift valleys (Endemic Bird Area)gifting Uganda with 26 Albertine endemics of which 13 species are highly localized in Bwindi & Mgahinga Park.

* Uganda has a wide range and remarkable diversity of habitats giving the Country’s unique biological diversity. The habitats range from snow capped mountains in the West to semi-arid areas in the North East, rain forests in the centre to the open water of the fresh lakes. These habitats are important for bird feeding, breeding, roosting and water bird congregation.

Uganda’s most after sought birds

*Shoebill stork

* Black bee eater

 *Fox weaver

* African Green broadbill

* Karamoja Apalis

*Green breasted Pitta

 *Nahan’s Francolin

 *Brown chested plover

 *Rwenzori Turaco,

*Red fronted anti pecker

  *Purvell’s illadropsis.